Acrylic is usually a transparent material that can be used for numerous products. It can be flexible and light in weight; half the weight of a comparable item made of glass.Also, less likely to break than glass. Acrylic can withstand temperatures of -30 to 160 degrees and is not bothered by the elements. Products made of acrylic are easily cleaned; just mild soap and water then dry with a soft cloth. Window cleaners and abrasives are not to be used on acrylic items.

Here are just a few items that are made from acrylic. Although usually clear, acrylic can be frosted and made in various colors.

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Chunck of Acrylic
for a Dramatic Display


Snap Frames

Food Dispensers

Custom Form Display Panels

Eyeglass Counter Display

Assorted Size Boxes
With/Without Locks

Cosmetic Display


Double Sided Floor Display

Revolving Floor Stand

Display Steps

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